The Thrum of the Heavens

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The Thrum of the Heavens

Where there is comfort and love
let me dwell there.
Where there is mercy and peace
let me take up my habitation.

Let my home be a place
where the sweet savour
of Life can be known
in the very air that we breathe.

Four walls alone
cannot make a place
where souls can dwell
at peace with their God.
The deliberate resurrection, daily
of Christ’s example
of sacrifice
of forgiveness
of regard for the Father’s will
These can fill the four corners
with the air of the Spirit.
And the thrum of the heavens
will fill this place.
The vibrations of heavens’ song
will resound
in the hearts gathered here.

Lord let that blessing be poured down
upon this place.
Your Spirit’s habitation
is not only
in the highest of heights
But also here
in the heart of these hearts.
Sing in these hearts
spirit of the everlasting
Launch your song
into the ether of this planet
from this little place
That your Presence
might be glorified
Sing, and make your song
the theme of this territory
and the testimony of these grounds.

Let the glory notes
of your breezes blow.
Let the soil resound.
Let the turves sing your praises
a song of songs
up from the earth’s core.
Sent to the skies
and the billowing clouds.
Let it ring true
the song of the earth
in harmony
with its maker.

ttorus  4/25/09