The Cusp of Light and Shadow

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The Cusp of Light and Shadow

In the morning
when the light strikes white
across the mounded snow,
and the tree-trunk’s shadow
slashes boldly
up the undulated slope,
I take a moment to speak my mind,
if only to my Self.

The occasional sparkle outside
only shows
when you observe closely.
So too the occasional sparkle inside
reveals itself only
on close observation.
There is detail
even in the shadows
should I choose to look
And green life, young and old,
from even the deepest drift.

That little sprout, standing alone,
at the cusp of light and shadow
Which seems so
insignificant in the big picture
holds such charm on
close inspection.
Its form is full of promise
and a wayward fulsome desire
for life.

One tender, slender limb
stretches out
far beyond the cluster
Green palm, green fingers
reaching yearning
for the warmth
of the morning light.
So too this new life
new perspective
which has gained its sturdy foothold
Claims its patch of warm earth
striving up through the crusted
icy snow
Reaching blind yet unerringly
for the light which sustains
its most energetic soul
And its heat reflecting
melts a dimpled home for itself
in the drift.

Vibrant life
full of promise
rooted beneath the chill
of yesterday’s storm
Striving irresistibly upward
into today’s light
and tomorrow’s.

ttorus 1/6/96