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Your kids’ college entrance exams, especially their new SATs, don’t match their true potential ! I constantly with kids who perform at 85-90 in school, but show 360s and 450s on their Math/English in SAT.

So I’m offering a new book entitled “Higher SATs, Higher Calling”, built just for that student. The Visual or Kinesthetic Learner will find this little guidebook will break the grip of poor performance on any exam. Your young student will more fully engage, with greater confidence and strength. This will be the best 10 bucks you ever spent on your child’s future happiness. In Kindle or paperback at Amazon:

New Psalm Softcover Editions

Inspirational hard-cover copies with lush full-color photo renditions for your coffeetable are now available in limited edition and can be purchased through Amazon. Click here for a preview of Divine Dialogue – Journaling for the Presence of God”.

There is a song within you, which will yet sing.

Join the author on a spiritual journey spanning the last decade, as he seeks, and finds, the voice of divine inspiration and encouragement within. Reminiscent of David’s psalms, which flowed from his pen in times of greatest need for spiritual encouragement, these modern psalms serve as an example of the voice that lies within you too.

These are intensely personal calls to the One who longs to be your solace and strength. Written in call-and-response format, you too will hear the voice of divine hope and encouragement in these psalms for our contemporary times.

Read these inspirational works, and you too may be encouraged to open your writing and journaling to the voice of divine inspiration that lives within.

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Go to Divine Dialogue – Journaling for the Presence of God” at to preview the latest available books.

About the Author

Educated in landscape architecture and the environment, the author is uniquely suited to present the beauty of nature in his writings. His work can be found in “Endless Horizons” published by Eber & Wein. His most personal writings are often featured at facebook/agiftofencouragement.

The author has served as worship leader for long-term care patients, for individuals whose physical bodies have been confined to wheelchairs. He has always been available for music ministries, sharing the stage intermittently with evangelists, pastors and gifted Christian performers in the venue of contemporary Christian music, seeking always to uplift and free the human spirit.

The author also has toured with evangelical worship teams through refugee camps in Europe, Austria and the former Yugoslavia. His heart for orphan care has been expressed through volunteer work with ForHisChildren-Ecuador, and continues with work on the Missions Board for his local congregation. He works now as a solar energy specialist, and lives on Long Island, New York with his wife Frances.