Sweet Consolation

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Sweet Consolation

My child bring your heart to me.
This is our anguish.
I will share this with you awhile.

Let me confide in you now
that this pain will rend our frame
only this little while.

I promise you sweet moments
of laughter
so deep you have not known it
since early days of childhood
when the knowledge of good and evil
taught by parents
in a book that remained
on the highest shelf.

There is a song within you
which will yet be sung.
be assured of it.

When the Spirit of life
is awakened in you
the light of that Spirit
will become a sparkling light
reflected across the waters
after the day has set
into night.

I promise you the light
grows ever brighter
as we rush to meet you.

We will meet in a splash of light
and laughter
sweet consolation.

Light and laughter, the sun and wind
bright clouds of white
in the bluest of skies

Wet with love and a heart alive
for you.

ttorus 7/11/90