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that one person can enter your life
to bring such renewed perspective
and strength,
only to have another enter
with chisels, axes,
a sawzall,
to tear down, with zeal and determination,
the edifice of your meticulously-raised

One child
full of laughter, with smiling eyes,
joins you in the sun
and salty breeze
at the edge of the surging tide,
To playfully contribute
to your sand-castle
her own sea-shells
sea-weed pods
and tufts of heather,
Then laughing, runs away.

While another
much bigger
with more resonant laugh
comes stomping
in the midst of your lovingly-built world
To stand astride its ruin
in heavy boots,
beefy fists cockily planted on hips
But jolly not.

How easy to remember the ruin
the double salted tears
bitten back
and spiced
with wind-borne salt spray
How easy to remember
that passion
in destruction.
But I choose rather
to remember
the wind-swept curls
with sun’s halo
The laughing eyes
That last touch
of yellow-flowered heather
placed so lovingly
on the parapets.

How light her step
tread of an angel
As she dancingly retreated
at the fringes
of white-foamed
whispering surf.
So soon her dimpled footprints
as each wave after wave
did its work to erase
her passing
Transforming her footsteps
back to native washed sand
each grain carried, even now,
closer to that equatorial realm
which is the destination
of all the tides.

This I will remember
and take heart.
This I will remember
and rejoice.


ttorus 1/12/96
revised 1/20/96