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So early now
that darkness yet gilds
my world and thought.

The patter of rain on the gutters
foretells of a day
of rain and cloud
Yet this metallic sound
is complemented by
the birdsong
that greets every dawning.

Dawn in me now, Lord
in my heart
as in every dawn.
In my heart’s tempo
compose the music
of today, and tomorrow.
Let the pace of your Spirit
be the tramping
of your marching band.

I will be any one instrument
or all.
I will slap the drum smartly
or oom-pah the tuba
to shake one’s bones
I will raise the shout of the trumpet
or slide the trombone.
Provide me any instrument
or this conductor’s baton
waved in air
set to the tramping
of my own heart
And I will raise my spirit
to you.

My heart is yet tender
despite the years
and your Spirit yet teaches me
and compassion
and reserve.
You have indeed
taken that heart of stone
and made of it
this heart of flesh.

Let my song be gentle
a complement
to the birdsong
and the patter of rain
As the light returns
to bless this day
and all its inhabitants.

Color my world with your colors
and with the sounds
of your symphonic serenade
That my heart may sing
and my eyes may paint
a world of your goodness
and a life in your love.

ttorus  5/2/09