One Answer to Prayer

My child, I come to you here,
and find my infinite pleasure
in your call to me.

The touch of your voice
directed to me
is my pleasure,
and at times, my pain.

But you always return to me
my faithful one.

I can count on your being here
each morning
and so you may trust
I am with you
morning, noon, and night.

I am lifting you up even now
in all your labors
and you will know
all the benefits
of your calling.

Each step has been ordained
for you to establish our name.

Your light is lit
and you will shine
professor of light
and teacher of enlightenment.

Your lamp will indeed shine
to the far corners
of this room.

Set on a hill, you will be
a beacon to those
who seek a center
for their compass-rose.

Rest a moment now
in the glow
of this flame
that burns in you
and trim your lamp
to whiten your color
and enhance the reach
of the rays that spring
from you and I.

Profess the light.
Raise your voice
in a visible song
that we may travel
to the infinite

Rise up to the voice
of angels
with the light of heaven
about us now.

Rise up, and receive your reward
in the light
of Paradise.