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I feel my heart beating.

It says I’m alive.
This gentle resolute pounding
one two three four five.
Pushing my life’s blood
through each and every vein.
the vigor of endless ages
in me.

And why should Life choose this vessel
to course its way down
the alleys
and byways
of living,
into the pathways of other vessels
just like me,
yet so astonishingly different
as to surprise and delight
again and again
and to set my heart racing

Pound, Pound
vitality racing
to the end of the age.
A soul’s mission
in the beating
of one blooded muscle.
And how do we capture
the passion and commitment
of Divinity?

How reach down into a
boundless reality
so far beyond the knowledge
of so shallow an instrument
as to this conscious brain.
Sweet divine reality
beyond our ken
If you must needs hint only
hint away.
If you must refuse to shout
I will learn to listen
more intently
to the silence
which bears your mark,
And I will check my pulse
to gauge the quiet trampings
of your good tread.


ttorus 10/20/95