Gentle Me

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Gentle Me

Lord, gentle me

as I awaken the dawn

this day.

Let my words be a cleansing shower

to wash the soul.

Springtime is coming

and the icy grip of winter

seems at last to have

loosed its hold upon us.

Today will be a day

of hothouse flowers,

and we will travel again

to cherish with others

the hope that your creation provides.


The poet’s spirit in me

is glad,

and I pray for sunshine

to light our path

at each moment.

Let us both, my wife and I

find delight and encouragement

in the wonder of your created things.


Gentle me,

and gentle us all

Let peace be ours.

This is your day,

your day of rest.



My child, I hear

your every word,

and your thoughts

are not hidden from me.

I delight in moments with you,

in your prayer

My spirit will be with you

as you take this day,

as my Spirit is with you

each day.

I am pleased

to hear your voice.

I delight to see your intention.

There is much for you to know,

and to learn of me,

and you will learn. Hear me today

in the quiet birdsong.

Hear me in the quiet words

of your companions

close upon your path.

See me in the play of light

upon the petals,

and in the smiles

that play across the faces

of others that join you.

Know me in the patience that inhabits your own soul.

Allow me fully to live in you,

and I will live.

Let these moments be

your best.

Let this day be

your best day,

and allow my hand to guide.

There will be sunlight and birdsong,

the harbingers of spring,

and your heart will be open

to the song of the Spirit

from me.

Let the barriers break down,

and your freedom appear.

Drink deep from the fountain

of heavenly waters

that your refreshing

may last

to the end of days,

and join us at heaven’s gate

each moment

as you turn your thoughts here.

Drink deep and be refreshed

as all the angels and saints

gather as one

within your heart

to share in the rejoicing

of heaven.