New Worlds

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New Worlds

Bless you Lord

for you have changed my crying to laughter.

My soul is singing in my breast

a song of ages, and of generations past.


There is no fear for now

for safety

for provision

for turmoil and drama.

There is only hope

and the knowledge

that we have done right in your eyes

because our flaws are covered

with a robe of perfection

the robe of Christ

for the forgiveness of folly.


Your hands are strong

and your heart beats excitedly

with the knowledge that you can do all things

and you then will.

You are smart and capable

filled with the abundance of new things.

Your hands can form

new worlds

And can also work

in the least of things

to bring about changes for the good

for the betterment of man.

I will support you in this.

My Spirit will guide

and my strength will provide. 


ttorus 2007
Stony Brook