Dual Identity

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We are two, you and I,
of the soil, and divine.

Each day the combative pull
of two separate worlds
begins anew.

I am of the ground, of dust,
and filled with the light, of life.

The soil calls to me
a song of mountains
and craggy rock,
the roughened surface
of schist, and granite,
a childhood clambor
over a face of stone.

The heavens beckon
with clouds of white
and open skies of blue,
the colors of innocence
a dream of some
other place
where we all belong,
lit from beyond,
fringed and infused with light.

We are two, you and I,
of the soil, and divine.

I have known
the joys of earth,
and sensed, somehow, the More.

You have known
the guidance
and the prompting of unseen hands
intent on good.

You and I have come together
to celebrate in a song
of earth and sky.

You and I together are two
in one.

Today again we will know once again
the interplay of heaven and earth.

We will wish the best for our sister,
grow angry with our brother,
and at day’s end,

We have done well
done no harm, only good
with the guiding hand, and the balance
of heaven, and earth.

Jesu, you instill
a heart of forgiveness,
infuse it into our common culture,
foundation of our shared humanity.

Dust and water,
you are the building blocks of which we are divinely constructed,
infused edge to edge
with the light of life.

We are two, you and I,
earthy and divine,
collected in one carriage
and drawn by one powerful steed
on the road to a horizon
alight with morning’s glow.

Breaks now the dawn
with wonder,
and all things are possible.

Our destiny and purpose await.


A Moment Poised Between

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A Moment Poised Between

Jesus, it is morning
and your hand is upon me once again.

The snow blankets all things
and I am poised between rest and labor.

Quietly, softly, music, a piano, loving singer
sings of love.

And my loving wife lies quietly, softly
taking a few more well deserved
moments of rest.

Soon, very soon, she will rise
and give her energies
her love in motion
in a most natural and instinctive drive
to give of herself,
and the love that springs unerringly, unfailingly
from her heart.

How sweet, delicious, these precious moments
set apart, a world apart
from the roadways
and ledgers,
the press of diverse
and so often divisive

Sweetly, sweetly, these moments pass
and I know that demands will come

Your commands to live fully
will win over this invisible desire
to return to sweet dreams.

I will apply my hands to so many endeavors
in search of destiny
that unending search for destiny.

Jesus, it is morning
the slightest chill
remains in the air
and invades my robe,
pleasantly – this is life.

Joy comes to my heart
and a tear to my eye
in gratitude.

So fleeting, these tender emotions
you have built into our frame

I desire most profoundly to hold it in both hands
and never let go.

My wife, dear wife, comes to me
quietly, gently
with a pot of warm mint tea

Already she responds to that
unerring need within
to give of her love

And the tears roll one after the other
down my cheek
in tender gratitude.

Gently love-songs rise
from the stereo.

The tea is warm
and the mint reminds me
of springtime gardens

In family life so long ago

While my wife, in a few words
alludes of Christmas
a few words only
yet so deeply reassuring.

And my heart returns to gratitude.

I know these gentle moments will pass
quickly, so quickly.

The insistence of life
will replace
the persistence of dreams

I hear the cars on the road in the distance
yet my desire for quiet remains.

So few are these days.

These opportunities to speak with you again

As one, to the one
who is the source
of all my health
both without and within.

Lord accept my words
may you take some pleasure
in my gratitude
and in my reflections on you

Soon, so soon, I will go
and the demands of this day
in upsets and uncertainties
will remind me
of yesterday’s upsets and emergencies

Soon, but not yet.

In a few words my wife
seeks assurance
I have enough light
for this my labor of love.

And my heart again is reassured
by her unfailing concern
driven by a love
that emerges from
some eternal wellspring
deep within her soul.

How can I end these moments?

The morning sun slants low
through the window
brightly lighting
the pinks and whites
of the clustered flowers
on the potted Cyclamen
on the table just before me.

The sun, the light, has come to me
through no effort of my own
and the shadows in the pinks and whites
take definition.

Can this be? The light has passed on?
It falls in a slanted beam now
across my page
works now across the room
to where sits my wife
sharing with me
these love-songs.

But no, the light returns fully
to the flowers just before my eyes
and I am reassured
this day
will not pass that quickly.

A cloud or two will pass
and the light will return, brightly

The light finds me
through no effort of my own

And my wife comes to me
to place a warm and caring hand
across my chest.

The warmth that emanates
from that little hand
is always so great a surprise

With a few words, she moves away
and again the tears trickle down.

There is love indeed in her heart.

There is love in the labors of these
gifted singers
Jim Brickman, Michael W. Smith

And all this comes to me
through no effort of my own.

How can we earn such moments?

Could we package it please
then pass it along to those
in need of shelter.

So many, right now, in despair and appall
so recent too, my own despairing and appall

Recharge my fuel cells with this my Love

Let me ever carry the knowledge that these

moments always return

no matter how far we may wander

in our endless pursuits for Something.

These moments can sustain a multitude of days.

A shout triumphant, in a moment silent.

The light falls soft on my hand and my pen.

The light comes soft to my heart and my soul.

Sing in me, song of ages
and let this song be heard by all

In a moment fleeting, with my eternal

In a moment poised between
rest and labor

My joy returns.
My God to you I owe all this
and more.


ttorus  2/12/06
Stony Brook, NY 

Dipped in Liquid Light

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Dipped in Liquid Light

It is morning, before the dawn,

and my heart goes out

to you Lord.

The light has yet to arrive

from that orb

You have ordained

to rise each day

and light our pretty planet.

I light a few candles

for a softening glow

across the pages

as the ink does its work

carrying what is inside, out.


My heart, you are softened today.

The quiet is welcome

Outside and in.

Yearnings, for this moment

are held at bay

And I gaze inside

at a horizon of peace.


I have seen the moon

at its full

bright through

the silhouetted branches

and leaves of the evening trees

And this has been pleasant

to my soul.


I have seen the herons

Both in the sparkling light

of morning

at the bay

as the gulls laughed

And in the evening rosy glow

of setting day.

They stand erect so patiently

legs dipped in liquid light

awaiting a meal

to come swimming by

as it will

When their head, and that curve of neck

dashes forward

faster than perception

to gather in the harvest.


Lord give me that patience

give me that surety

grant me that life

standing in liquid light

certain of my daily bread

While the sun makes its rounds

from morning till night.



ttorus  9/30/07
Stony Brook


New Worlds

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New Worlds

Bless you Lord

for you have changed my crying to laughter.

My soul is singing in my breast

a song of ages, and of generations past.


There is no fear for now

for safety

for provision

for turmoil and drama.

There is only hope

and the knowledge

that we have done right in your eyes

because our flaws are covered

with a robe of perfection

the robe of Christ

for the forgiveness of folly.


Your hands are strong

and your heart beats excitedly

with the knowledge that you can do all things

and you then will.

You are smart and capable

filled with the abundance of new things.

Your hands can form

new worlds

And can also work

in the least of things

to bring about changes for the good

for the betterment of man.

I will support you in this.

My Spirit will guide

and my strength will provide. 


ttorus 2007
Stony Brook

Sweet Consolation

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Sweet Consolation

My child bring your heart to me.
This is our anguish.
I will share this with you awhile.

Let me confide in you now
that this pain will rend our frame
only this little while.

I promise you sweet moments
of laughter
so deep you have not known it
since early days of childhood
when the knowledge of good and evil
taught by parents
in a book that remained
on the highest shelf.

There is a song within you
which will yet be sung.
be assured of it.

When the Spirit of life
is awakened in you
the light of that Spirit
will become a sparkling light
reflected across the waters
after the day has set
into night.

I promise you the light
grows ever brighter
as we rush to meet you.

We will meet in a splash of light
and laughter
sweet consolation.

Light and laughter, the sun and wind
bright clouds of white
in the bluest of skies

Wet with love and a heart alive
for you.

ttorus 7/11/90


That Invisible Thread

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That Invisible Thread

Lord that I might find

the heart of perfect silence

within me now.

Lord that stillness

might reign supreme

in my mind

a perfect setting

for paradise

a perfect setting

for the Gem of your presence.

Father reveal the far horizons

within me now.


How secure is that invisible thread

from me to You

And how sweet the tie that binds.


I look and do not see

but rather feel

and the sense of You

brings comfort to the heart

Yet still I look

for your face

for your smile

for your word

for the butterfly-wings

of your presence

in the stillness within.


Let the clatter of this world recede

till all I see

is the silken thread

full of light

and touched with the dew of heaven

that leads to you.



My son, your hands

have been willing partners

in my work

both yesterday and today.

I will pour strength into your veins.

I will lead you to persons

who will partner in my labors

with you

And also to persons

in need of encouragement.

May you be alert

to that distinction.


Into your heart now

I give my Spirit.

The waters of heaven flow

within your veins.

And while your Humanity

will often emerge

So too will your Heavenly.


The water and the blood

of my Son’s heritage

Flows even now

in your veins


If you ever return to me

I will ever return to you

To reassure you ever

that this is so.


Can you not feel the strength of your heart?

The years yet bound

within the flex

of this hearty flesh.


This ground is being softened again

that it might be fertile soil

for the planting of my word.


Do you not feel

the years yet to be?

the strength in potential?

Tomorrow lies at the horizon

and while the curve of this earth

may hide the path

beyond that next bend

Yet you know that path leads on

to a heavenly realm

And many a pilgrim has trod

this way before you.

Take comfort now

and sing within your soul

along with me.


ttorus  7/27/06
Stony Brook



The Crickets’ Calls

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The Crickets’ Calls

The crickets’ calls

buzz in all the trees about me

this early morning

And the occasional bird lifts its voice

to the growing light.

Somehow the crickets are always

a background sound

until you turn your attention to them.

Then it rises and falls, breaks and chirps

comes close, then recedes.

How many of their kind do I hear now?

Countless, unimaginable.

For when I leave to drive

from here to fifty miles from here

still a whirring steady buzz

is heard through the open window

above the roll of the tires

and the rush of wind past my ear.

So may the voice and will of God

be to me

Steady, unceasing, always there

when I turn my attention

to it.

So may the sense of God’s presence

eternal, and stretching out

beyond all my horizons be.



My child you have

wood for the fire

light enough for every room

Food enough

to entertain

a family of ten

The light I give this morning

you  are assured

will last till evening.

The trees will grow

the leaves will turn

to brilliant autumn glow

In the suns of autumn

while the evergreen needles

hold their green

hold their ground

against the coming onslaught

of winter

All this life

of birds and bugs

will survive

most nobly

full of energy

the spirit of life.

So is your heart.

it will change, in part

most profoundly

with the changing of the light

and the times of day.

Then too it will remain

in part


to hold its own

against any chill

it may encounter

in its coming days

When your heart has been tried

once again

by the season’s turning

Spring once again

will begin its inevitable march

across this planet

To warm a heart turned bitter cold

under the icy blast.

The leaves will green once again

with the lengthening days.

The sheltering canopy overhead

will be spread

to cool now

and shade

against the excesses

of the sun

So is my provision.

It goes around

and comes round again.

Season after season

With trust and faith

you can trust in my return

rest in my growth within

as a sheltering canopy

an evergreen guarantee

an endless voice

rising and falling in your attention

Yesterday was, and tomorrow will be

But now is all in all.


ttorus  10/7/07
Stony Brook

This Voice

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This Voice

Thank you God, for your healing hand

bless you for a day without suffering

Grant this peace at all times

and let me know peace in my troubles


Thank you Lord, that you have secured these boundaries.

Grant that we may know always the security

of your endless power and everlasting love.



Go on in your way; your light shines brighter still.

Each day is brighter still, till the full light of day.

Let your feet run to do good, and your path be right.

Hear the voice within you saying “Walk this way.”


Here is a voice you can trust.

Only seek it

discern it

capture it

nurture and foster it

amplify it

and tune to it always

And this voice will be your guide and encouragement

This voice will lead you

in the way everlasting.


ttorus 2007
Stony Brook

Ventricular Buttons

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Ventricular Buttons

Lord today your joy has overtaken my heart


And it seems I have only to press some inner

ventricular button

And liquid substance of Happiness

flows from my heart.


What is this ambrosia that flows

this nectar of the Spirit?

And how can I indeed learn to press this button

at will and as needed?

My heart seems now a fountain

given a squeeze, it gushes

and all the world looks different.


Can our heart’s chemistry

be subject to our deliberate whim?

Can well-being come from a mental touch

upon heartstrings strung and tuned

in some ancient chamber


an instrument set upon a pedestal

awaiting only the Master’s touch?

Indeed at this moment, it seems so.



My son, so much trial in a life

can take its toll.

You can rest in the knowledge

that the strings of your heart

are tuned to a perfect pitch

always at the ready

to ring true.

Make a habit of this

and you will find satisfaction


through all your days.



ttorus  6/17/06
Stony Brook


It Seems Somehow Grand

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It Seems Somehow Grand

Your path is secure

your way is straight

and your light is lit now.


The music of your activities

is the music of heaven

filled with ideals

and noble sentiments.


Were all humanity to collaborate

according to my ideals

would not this world

see singing

and hear the bird’s song.


The light is in the leaves

even when the rain is pouring.

The song’s in the trees

though the storm’s approaching.


How full of life

just outside my window

How full is life

just inside my heart.


I have walked through raindrops

felt the chill wet on my toes

and it seems somehow grand

and simple.


The boats in the harbor

rest quietly

awaiting another day

when sunshine pours down

in a drenching cascade

Instead of these droplets

gathering on sidewalks and curbs

in puddles

that threaten only to engulf my soles.

yet still I sidestep them

and my soul is safe

in the knowledge of You.


My soul sings. It is Sunday

a day apart

and no demand can draw me out

without my consent.


I would that each day

could bring such peace

I would that every activity

Could bring such solemn reward.

In the depth of my heart and belly

I am satisfied.

On the brink of dreams

I find myself

on the verge

of paradise.

Quietly, so silently

I pursue this gentle melody within.


When this moment in time shall pass

I will yearn for it again

longing for a return

of the restfulness within.


How warm is the touch of my wife

on my neck

And warm is the cup of chai

on the table before me

as the ink runs onto the page

then dries.


The spice of this life

the warmth of another soul

beside me

Let all the river of concern

run in channels

in another land

While gently, sweetly

run the waters of gratitude.


Let me have more time in this sentiment

Let me give more time

to this emotion

Sweet, pliant subtle gratitude

that here is one moment at least

of sweet release

I let go the reins of my soul

and allow my soul to have its head

To take me where it will

as the goodness of God

will lead.

My soul is at peace

and life is good

this moment at least

Uncomplicated and unfettered


May I resurrect this state whenever I seek my God

and find this solace

in each word, and each letter.



ttorus  4/15/07
Stony Brook



Alight on Your Window-Sill

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Alight on Your Window-Sill

I awaken without you
and my longing
overwhelms me.

When will we be united forever
you and I
never to part?
I open the window
into the treetops
and the chill fresh air
is bracing
to my naked chest.
The cat pads silently
across the sill
and the morning sunlight
in her pure white hair
Is dazzling to the eye.

Yet I am not comforted.

When will we be united
you and I
never to part?
When, at long last
will this longing
in my breast
Find the final sanctuary
of your tender embrace
at long last?

Love me now
though the miles do part us.
Send your love
across the void
that divides us
So my heart may rest
a moment
In our spiritual bond.

Something in the air
and in the light
where the birds flit gleefully
and unerringly
among the branches
and past the eaves –
Something in the air
and the light
carries our love still.

So my heart is comforted

This too I send to you
all that I am
all my passion
and my compassion
All my sheltering
protective instincts
The desire to keep you
from harm
To lock out pain
and the suffering
of circumstance
The protective arms
all that I can provide.
These I send to you
across the miles
and even across the years.
For the love I hold for you
will never die.

Though all the forces of this earth
align themselves
in opposition
And though even I
should strive
to extinguish
that flame
Yet still it bursts through
Flickers once again
and bursts into flame
And the fire of my longing
reaches out again
into the air
Flits unerringly
among the branches
and past the eaves
To alight on your window-sill
and perch upon your hand
To grace you with a kiss
and to be graced so
in return
by your soft
and trembling lips.

Across the miles
and even across the years
even across the tears
I come to you
and you to me.
Let us unite
forever, never to part
you and I
At long last
you, and I.

ttorus  2/8/98