Dual Identity

Glory_Of_Spring_Wallpaper_cf21y (2)

We are two, you and I,
of the soil, and divine.

Each day the combative pull
of two separate worlds
begins anew.

I am of the ground, of dust,
and filled with the light, of life.

The soil calls to me
a song of mountains
and craggy rock,
the roughened surface
of schist, and granite,
a childhood clambor
over a face of stone.

The heavens beckon
with clouds of white
and open skies of blue,
the colors of innocence
a dream of some
other place
where we all belong,
lit from beyond,
fringed and infused with light.

We are two, you and I,
of the soil, and divine.

I have known
the joys of earth,
and sensed, somehow, the More.

You have known
the guidance
and the prompting of unseen hands
intent on good.

You and I have come together
to celebrate in a song
of earth and sky.

You and I together are two
in one.

Today again we will know once again
the interplay of heaven and earth.

We will wish the best for our sister,
grow angry with our brother,
and at day’s end,

We have done well
done no harm, only good
with the guiding hand, and the balance
of heaven, and earth.

Jesu, you instill
a heart of forgiveness,
infuse it into our common culture,
foundation of our shared humanity.

Dust and water,
you are the building blocks of which we are divinely constructed,
infused edge to edge
with the light of life.

We are two, you and I,
earthy and divine,
collected in one carriage
and drawn by one powerful steed
on the road to a horizon
alight with morning’s glow.

Breaks now the dawn
with wonder,
and all things are possible.

Our destiny and purpose await.


One Answer to Prayer

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One Answer to Prayer


My child, I come to you here,
and find my infinite pleasure
in your call to me.

The touch of your voice
directed to me
is my pleasure,
and at times, my pain.

But you always return to me
my faithful one.

I can count on your being here
each morning
and so you may trust
I am with you
morning, noon, and night.

I am lifting you up even now
in all your labors
and you will know
all the benefits
of your calling.

Each step has been ordained
for you to establish our name.

Your light is lit
and you will shine
professor of light
and teacher of enlightenment.

Your lamp will indeed shine
to the far corners
of this room.

Set on a hill, you will be
a beacon to those
who seek a center
for their compass-rose.

Rest a moment now
in the glow
of this flame
that burns in you
and trim your lamp
to whiten your color
and enhance the reach
of the rays that spring
from you and I.

Profess the light.
Raise your voice
in a visible song
that we may travel
to the infinite

Rise up to the voice
of angels
with the light of heaven
about us now.

Rise up, and receive your reward
in the light
of Paradise.

Gentle Me

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Gentle Me

Lord, gentle me

as I awaken the dawn

this day.

Let my words be a cleansing shower

to wash the soul.

Springtime is coming

and the icy grip of winter

seems at last to have

loosed its hold upon us.

Today will be a day

of hothouse flowers,

and we will travel again

to cherish with others

the hope that your creation provides.


The poet’s spirit in me

is glad,

and I pray for sunshine

to light our path

at each moment.

Let us both, my wife and I

find delight and encouragement

in the wonder of your created things.


Gentle me,

and gentle us all

Let peace be ours.

This is your day,

your day of rest.



My child, I hear

your every word,

and your thoughts

are not hidden from me.

I delight in moments with you,

in your prayer

My spirit will be with you

as you take this day,

as my Spirit is with you

each day.

I am pleased

to hear your voice.

I delight to see your intention.

There is much for you to know,

and to learn of me,

and you will learn. Hear me today

in the quiet birdsong.

Hear me in the quiet words

of your companions

close upon your path.

See me in the play of light

upon the petals,

and in the smiles

that play across the faces

of others that join you.

Know me in the patience that inhabits your own soul.

Allow me fully to live in you,

and I will live.

Let these moments be

your best.

Let this day be

your best day,

and allow my hand to guide.

There will be sunlight and birdsong,

the harbingers of spring,

and your heart will be open

to the song of the Spirit

from me.

Let the barriers break down,

and your freedom appear.

Drink deep from the fountain

of heavenly waters

that your refreshing

may last

to the end of days,

and join us at heaven’s gate

each moment

as you turn your thoughts here.

Drink deep and be refreshed

as all the angels and saints

gather as one

within your heart

to share in the rejoicing

of heaven.





The Thrum of the Heavens

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The Thrum of the Heavens

Where there is comfort and love
let me dwell there.
Where there is mercy and peace
let me take up my habitation.

Let my home be a place
where the sweet savour
of Life can be known
in the very air that we breathe.

Four walls alone
cannot make a place
where souls can dwell
at peace with their God.
The deliberate resurrection, daily
of Christ’s example
of sacrifice
of forgiveness
of regard for the Father’s will
These can fill the four corners
with the air of the Spirit.
And the thrum of the heavens
will fill this place.
The vibrations of heavens’ song
will resound
in the hearts gathered here.

Lord let that blessing be poured down
upon this place.
Your Spirit’s habitation
is not only
in the highest of heights
But also here
in the heart of these hearts.
Sing in these hearts
spirit of the everlasting
Launch your song
into the ether of this planet
from this little place
That your Presence
might be glorified
Sing, and make your song
the theme of this territory
and the testimony of these grounds.

Let the glory notes
of your breezes blow.
Let the soil resound.
Let the turves sing your praises
a song of songs
up from the earth’s core.
Sent to the skies
and the billowing clouds.
Let it ring true
the song of the earth
in harmony
with its maker.

ttorus  4/25/09


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So early now
that darkness yet gilds
my world and thought.

The patter of rain on the gutters
foretells of a day
of rain and cloud
Yet this metallic sound
is complemented by
the birdsong
that greets every dawning.

Dawn in me now, Lord
in my heart
as in every dawn.
In my heart’s tempo
compose the music
of today, and tomorrow.
Let the pace of your Spirit
be the tramping
of your marching band.

I will be any one instrument
or all.
I will slap the drum smartly
or oom-pah the tuba
to shake one’s bones
I will raise the shout of the trumpet
or slide the trombone.
Provide me any instrument
or this conductor’s baton
waved in air
set to the tramping
of my own heart
And I will raise my spirit
to you.

My heart is yet tender
despite the years
and your Spirit yet teaches me
and compassion
and reserve.
You have indeed
taken that heart of stone
and made of it
this heart of flesh.

Let my song be gentle
a complement
to the birdsong
and the patter of rain
As the light returns
to bless this day
and all its inhabitants.

Color my world with your colors
and with the sounds
of your symphonic serenade
That my heart may sing
and my eyes may paint
a world of your goodness
and a life in your love.

ttorus  5/2/09

Bedtime for Bobby

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Bedtime for Bobby

It’s bedtime for Bobby
& nothing to stop me

No bumps in the night
or mysterious ‘Boo’s
No bench-seat with buttresses
or bachelors’s blues
No basket of biscuits
or butterfly shoes
No bikini-clad babes
with beautific boobs
No beaches with bonfires

no Betsies or Sues
No banana-bread barfly
or bunyans in twos
No bark on the banyan tree
or big bash at Bill’s
No basset-hounds baying
at Bugs’s back-door
No barnyard in backwoods
or buntings on bandoleers
No wet-covered bed-cover
nor bitten-back tears
No bushes in the baggage
or bunches of buzzy bees

You bet your bottom dollar
It’s time now
for bed.


ttorus 10/27/95

Cool Are the Waters

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Cool Are the Waters

the birdsong
seems clearer and stronger
And laughter seems closer
and nearer the heart.
The spirit of my Father
seems more real
to my soul
And to capture His presence
as simple as turning
my own face, to His.

The comforts of quiet
and demands for the moment
held in abeyance
My heart for this moment
is free from the wrenching
of schedules and clock-works.
I am free from the wheels
and the pedals
that accelerate our time.

My heart, I feel the surging
of your fluids like the gentle waves
on the beach of the harbor
Rising like the tides
to the fullness and the heights
that will meet the day.
I am comforted
with the strength
of an almighty God
Coursing through
my every vein
a river everlasting
whose source
is the rainfall from heaven
on the mountain peaks
of my soul
Where even the snows
chilled into ice
by passage through
the atmospheres of this earth
Must melt with the spring.

These waters of the spirit
renewed by the least warmth
rush gladly
to my veins
Cooling the fevers
of yesterday’s troubles
And prepared to become
those waters of life
spoken of by our Lord
A fount everlasting
feeding even the springs
beneath the surface.

Cool are the waters of heaven.
They begin in the mists
of the high mountains
in my soul.
They gather in the snow-melt
and trickle past the roots
of hemlock and pine
Finding their way in rivulets
beneath the fringes of ice
Gaining their momentum
from every molecule
added in passage
Till at last
in a waterfall
of spirit
The waters break free from rock
rush through air
delighting in freedom
And splashing at last
into the pond
of my meditations.

Chill, cool mountain stream
speak to me of heaven
and those lofty heights
up among the clouds
Where angels’ voices
converse so softly
of all things divine
And the quiet laughter of heaven’s joy
echoes from the highest.

I hear it.
My soul and my heart
will linger in these heights
and take pleasure in the Presence
of all.


The Cusp of Light and Shadow

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The Cusp of Light and Shadow

In the morning
when the light strikes white
across the mounded snow,
and the tree-trunk’s shadow
slashes boldly
up the undulated slope,
I take a moment to speak my mind,
if only to my Self.

The occasional sparkle outside
only shows
when you observe closely.
So too the occasional sparkle inside
reveals itself only
on close observation.
There is detail
even in the shadows
should I choose to look
And green life, young and old,
from even the deepest drift.

That little sprout, standing alone,
at the cusp of light and shadow
Which seems so
insignificant in the big picture
holds such charm on
close inspection.
Its form is full of promise
and a wayward fulsome desire
for life.

One tender, slender limb
stretches out
far beyond the cluster
Green palm, green fingers
reaching yearning
for the warmth
of the morning light.
So too this new life
new perspective
which has gained its sturdy foothold
Claims its patch of warm earth
striving up through the crusted
icy snow
Reaching blind yet unerringly
for the light which sustains
its most energetic soul
And its heat reflecting
melts a dimpled home for itself
in the drift.

Vibrant life
full of promise
rooted beneath the chill
of yesterday’s storm
Striving irresistibly upward
into today’s light
and tomorrow’s.

ttorus 1/6/96

A Child with a Plaything

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A Child with a Plaything


My God, how unsettled my heart, and filled with trouble.

Could more “what if’s” and “if only’s” be found

surely I would unearth them

and toy with them, like a child with a plaything.

Grant that I might get up and over this stage.

Grant that I might overcome.


Surely many are the days when the light seems bright.

Surely there will be nights of peace

and deep satisfaction.

Yet for now I am blind

to anything

save this bloody discomfort

this nagging unease.


Lord, overcome this within me

or direct me to that prayer

or action which dispels

like smoke before a fan.




My son, comfort is the real illusion

and the bane of a righteous life.

To know only comfort is to know no growth.

Grow now, in this new soil.

Spread your roots,

draw nourishment up

from the soil about you.

Drink deep, then spread your branches

to the light.

Soak up the goodly rays

of heavenly sun.

Within you is the key to heaven.

Open always is the door.

Step in and sing.



ttorus, Stony Brook,  7/10/06

Image Courtesy of naturewallpaper.net

Lover, Encourager, Friend

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Lover, Encourager, Friend

Lord, nothing is more important

than my wife’s happiness.

Let me be the kind of loving companion

she would desire.


Let me become

all that you have designed me to be:

Provider, lover, encourager, friend

a solace in trouble

and a plaything in joy.




You have so much to give

a sensitive heart

a delicate conscience

a strong mind

and a flexible will.

You turn your intelligence

to the task of making a home

and providing for shelter.

You provide the livelihood

that is your share

and you take the role

defined by tradition

yet tempered by the comforts

of contemporary thought.

You provide respect and consideration.

You give of your time as generously

as is possible,

and your thoughts are kind.



ttorus  2007
Stony Brook

A Rainbow’s Heart

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A Rainbow’s Heart

How sweet and glorious

how wonderful to find You

to know Your presence

to take time for hearing Your voice.

Great are you Lord

to fill my heart.

Great is the mercy, the grace and the power

that can give to my heart

this greatest of gifts.


An hour in your word

when the switch in my heart

is switched on to you

is worth a thousand of diversions.

It feels like life

Like the sun is kind

and the air is sweet

And beneath the noise

is a rainbow’s heart.


Sing Lord sing.

let your voice be heard.


My child, your heart

as many a heart

has been sorely tried these days.

Your body has been bruised

by the cacophony of noise

and the poking, the prodding

of a hundred aggressive fingers

Prompting you onward

in a hundred directions

while all the while

you know not where you go.


There is nothing to do, but this

to find shelter in my word

to draw into my place

within you.


Let the world go by

a moment only.

It will pass alone

without your prompting

Your business is to know me

to call on me

and sing.

Take my word and let it ring

within your soul

to captivate your heart.

Let the song of ages ring

the psalm of a generation be sung.


There is more to this business

of achieving my presence

than you can know

Yet you cannot know it.

it will know you.


In simplicity is your strength

confirmed only by your inner senses.

Your faith returns day by day

Faith of the fathers

holy faith

A faith that will be with you

till death


Faith above all

the strength of a God

who overcomes all.

Strength of a God

who fills you now.



ttorus  9/24/07

Stony Brook