Dipped in Liquid Light

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Dipped in Liquid Light

It is morning, before the dawn,

and my heart goes out

to you Lord.

The light has yet to arrive

from that orb

You have ordained

to rise each day

and light our pretty planet.

I light a few candles

for a softening glow

across the pages

as the ink does its work

carrying what is inside, out.


My heart, you are softened today.

The quiet is welcome

Outside and in.

Yearnings, for this moment

are held at bay

And I gaze inside

at a horizon of peace.


I have seen the moon

at its full

bright through

the silhouetted branches

and leaves of the evening trees

And this has been pleasant

to my soul.


I have seen the herons

Both in the sparkling light

of morning

at the bay

as the gulls laughed

And in the evening rosy glow

of setting day.

They stand erect so patiently

legs dipped in liquid light

awaiting a meal

to come swimming by

as it will

When their head, and that curve of neck

dashes forward

faster than perception

to gather in the harvest.


Lord give me that patience

give me that surety

grant me that life

standing in liquid light

certain of my daily bread

While the sun makes its rounds

from morning till night.



ttorus  9/30/07
Stony Brook