Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

We are told that in order to come back home, we must first come to our senses. What does this mean? It means paying attention. It means noticing. It means stopping. Slowing down. Entering genuine solitude. Squeezing the soul. Hugging the heart. Reattaching our spirits to the Spirit. It means coming back to Life. Surrendering. Waving the white flag. Letting go in order to truly let God.

Robert Ott has written a lovely little collection of prayers and psalms. They invite us all to come to our senses. They serve as a practical guide. They often show the way. They always show us how.  DIVINE DIALOGUES is spiritual writing at its very best. Simple. Heart felt. Human.

Laced with the divine. It is an expression of love from stranger to stranger. Inviting us to become genuine neighbors.

The spiritual journey is always home. Home is where we find the real Self. It is the place where we feel free to be ordinary. Where we can claim and name the ugly bits. Where we know we are beloved beyond measure. Robert Ott’s prayers and psalms take us home. Back to where we belong. Back to where we can begin to lead wondrous and authentic lives.

Savor each of these pieces slowly. Sip them like fine wine. Rest in their embrace. DIVINE DIALOGUES will be that little book which haunts and inspires you in a big way.

God bless.


— Rev. William R. Grimbol