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In each of us
there are such awesome potentials,
such grandeurs,
hope ever rekindling.
Let that light ever burn in me,
as at this moment.
Fresh as morning, filled with
the breeze of the morrow
which so often billows our sails
till the spars creak,
the canvas-weave
stretches fine,
and the lines are so taught
as to sing in the wind.

Deep notes, breeze notes,
the natural hum
of the earth in rotation,
while the moon tugs
and dances in its arms.
A loving universal dance
all expressed
in this one breeze
one boat
one set of sail.

And when once again
my sails should luff and pop
in directionless gusts,
let me remember
the wind
and splash
the gleam of the sun
in dazzling array
just over there.

If I understand this wind
and its recurrence,
we will be there soon enough.
Not to collect those gemstones
but to treasure the joyous dip
of a prow perfectly designed
to cleave these waters,
To break the chop and clap
of contrary ripple

Till we reach that spot
that spot on the horizon
So full of light
and good reflectance,
at play with such
intimations of childhood
buried recollection
of innocent days,
when that same gleam
called out to our hearts
with unmistakable glory
Called and tugged
on heartstrings stretched
to the limits of vision.

Here now
that same horizon,
here today.
Only our heartstrings
have been shortened.

Stretch out! Stretch out!
my heartstrings.
Like the silken cross-weave
of spiders’ web,
catching the morning dew,
in its turn to catch
the golden glorious morning light.
Stretch out! Stretch out!
and let the wet settle
on this weave,
till each new drop, heavy
with the accumulated contribution
of each misty droplet,
stretches itself,
magnifying its own small frame
of the distant perspective
in a gleaming fleeting
yearning grasp towards the earth
Then falling, round again,
to meet its appointed place
on this earth.

Stretch out, my heartstrings
and capture the mists
which would pass
otherwise unnoticed
and uneventful,
Never to gather or share
in meaning.

Gather the mists of this life
in unique

ttorus  11/2/95