Cool Are the Waters

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Cool Are the Waters

the birdsong
seems clearer and stronger
And laughter seems closer
and nearer the heart.
The spirit of my Father
seems more real
to my soul
And to capture His presence
as simple as turning
my own face, to His.

The comforts of quiet
and demands for the moment
held in abeyance
My heart for this moment
is free from the wrenching
of schedules and clock-works.
I am free from the wheels
and the pedals
that accelerate our time.

My heart, I feel the surging
of your fluids like the gentle waves
on the beach of the harbor
Rising like the tides
to the fullness and the heights
that will meet the day.
I am comforted
with the strength
of an almighty God
Coursing through
my every vein
a river everlasting
whose source
is the rainfall from heaven
on the mountain peaks
of my soul
Where even the snows
chilled into ice
by passage through
the atmospheres of this earth
Must melt with the spring.

These waters of the spirit
renewed by the least warmth
rush gladly
to my veins
Cooling the fevers
of yesterday’s troubles
And prepared to become
those waters of life
spoken of by our Lord
A fount everlasting
feeding even the springs
beneath the surface.

Cool are the waters of heaven.
They begin in the mists
of the high mountains
in my soul.
They gather in the snow-melt
and trickle past the roots
of hemlock and pine
Finding their way in rivulets
beneath the fringes of ice
Gaining their momentum
from every molecule
added in passage
Till at last
in a waterfall
of spirit
The waters break free from rock
rush through air
delighting in freedom
And splashing at last
into the pond
of my meditations.

Chill, cool mountain stream
speak to me of heaven
and those lofty heights
up among the clouds
Where angels’ voices
converse so softly
of all things divine
And the quiet laughter of heaven’s joy
echoes from the highest.

I hear it.
My soul and my heart
will linger in these heights
and take pleasure in the Presence
of all.