Bedtime for Bobby

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Bedtime for Bobby

It’s bedtime for Bobby
& nothing to stop me

No bumps in the night
or mysterious ‘Boo’s
No bench-seat with buttresses
or bachelors’s blues
No basket of biscuits
or butterfly shoes
No bikini-clad babes
with beautific boobs
No beaches with bonfires

no Betsies or Sues
No banana-bread barfly
or bunyans in twos
No bark on the banyan tree
or big bash at Bill’s
No basset-hounds baying
at Bugs’s back-door
No barnyard in backwoods
or buntings on bandoleers
No wet-covered bed-cover
nor bitten-back tears
No bushes in the baggage
or bunches of buzzy bees

You bet your bottom dollar
It’s time now
for bed.


ttorus 10/27/95