A Rainbow’s Heart

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A Rainbow’s Heart

How sweet and glorious

how wonderful to find You

to know Your presence

to take time for hearing Your voice.

Great are you Lord

to fill my heart.

Great is the mercy, the grace and the power

that can give to my heart

this greatest of gifts.


An hour in your word

when the switch in my heart

is switched on to you

is worth a thousand of diversions.

It feels like life

Like the sun is kind

and the air is sweet

And beneath the noise

is a rainbow’s heart.


Sing Lord sing.

let your voice be heard.


My child, your heart

as many a heart

has been sorely tried these days.

Your body has been bruised

by the cacophony of noise

and the poking, the prodding

of a hundred aggressive fingers

Prompting you onward

in a hundred directions

while all the while

you know not where you go.


There is nothing to do, but this

to find shelter in my word

to draw into my place

within you.


Let the world go by

a moment only.

It will pass alone

without your prompting

Your business is to know me

to call on me

and sing.

Take my word and let it ring

within your soul

to captivate your heart.

Let the song of ages ring

the psalm of a generation be sung.


There is more to this business

of achieving my presence

than you can know

Yet you cannot know it.

it will know you.


In simplicity is your strength

confirmed only by your inner senses.

Your faith returns day by day

Faith of the fathers

holy faith

A faith that will be with you

till death


Faith above all

the strength of a God

who overcomes all.

Strength of a God

who fills you now.



ttorus  9/24/07

Stony Brook