Lover, Encourager, Friend

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Lover, Encourager, Friend

Lord, nothing is more important

than my wife’s happiness.

Let me be the kind of loving companion

she would desire.


Let me become

all that you have designed me to be:

Provider, lover, encourager, friend

a solace in trouble

and a plaything in joy.




You have so much to give

a sensitive heart

a delicate conscience

a strong mind

and a flexible will.

You turn your intelligence

to the task of making a home

and providing for shelter.

You provide the livelihood

that is your share

and you take the role

defined by tradition

yet tempered by the comforts

of contemporary thought.

You provide respect and consideration.

You give of your time as generously

as is possible,

and your thoughts are kind.



ttorus  2007
Stony Brook