A Moment Poised Between

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A Moment Poised Between

Jesus, it is morning
and your hand is upon me once again.

The snow blankets all things
and I am poised between rest and labor.

Quietly, softly, music, a piano, loving singer
sings of love.

And my loving wife lies quietly, softly
taking a few more well deserved
moments of rest.

Soon, very soon, she will rise
and give her energies
her love in motion
in a most natural and instinctive drive
to give of herself,
and the love that springs unerringly, unfailingly
from her heart.

How sweet, delicious, these precious moments
set apart, a world apart
from the roadways
and ledgers,
the press of diverse
and so often divisive

Sweetly, sweetly, these moments pass
and I know that demands will come

Your commands to live fully
will win over this invisible desire
to return to sweet dreams.

I will apply my hands to so many endeavors
in search of destiny
that unending search for destiny.

Jesus, it is morning
the slightest chill
remains in the air
and invades my robe,
pleasantly – this is life.

Joy comes to my heart
and a tear to my eye
in gratitude.

So fleeting, these tender emotions
you have built into our frame

I desire most profoundly to hold it in both hands
and never let go.

My wife, dear wife, comes to me
quietly, gently
with a pot of warm mint tea

Already she responds to that
unerring need within
to give of her love

And the tears roll one after the other
down my cheek
in tender gratitude.

Gently love-songs rise
from the stereo.

The tea is warm
and the mint reminds me
of springtime gardens

In family life so long ago

While my wife, in a few words
alludes of Christmas
a few words only
yet so deeply reassuring.

And my heart returns to gratitude.

I know these gentle moments will pass
quickly, so quickly.

The insistence of life
will replace
the persistence of dreams

I hear the cars on the road in the distance
yet my desire for quiet remains.

So few are these days.

These opportunities to speak with you again

As one, to the one
who is the source
of all my health
both without and within.

Lord accept my words
may you take some pleasure
in my gratitude
and in my reflections on you

Soon, so soon, I will go
and the demands of this day
in upsets and uncertainties
will remind me
of yesterday’s upsets and emergencies

Soon, but not yet.

In a few words my wife
seeks assurance
I have enough light
for this my labor of love.

And my heart again is reassured
by her unfailing concern
driven by a love
that emerges from
some eternal wellspring
deep within her soul.

How can I end these moments?

The morning sun slants low
through the window
brightly lighting
the pinks and whites
of the clustered flowers
on the potted Cyclamen
on the table just before me.

The sun, the light, has come to me
through no effort of my own
and the shadows in the pinks and whites
take definition.

Can this be? The light has passed on?
It falls in a slanted beam now
across my page
works now across the room
to where sits my wife
sharing with me
these love-songs.

But no, the light returns fully
to the flowers just before my eyes
and I am reassured
this day
will not pass that quickly.

A cloud or two will pass
and the light will return, brightly

The light finds me
through no effort of my own

And my wife comes to me
to place a warm and caring hand
across my chest.

The warmth that emanates
from that little hand
is always so great a surprise

With a few words, she moves away
and again the tears trickle down.

There is love indeed in her heart.

There is love in the labors of these
gifted singers
Jim Brickman, Michael W. Smith

And all this comes to me
through no effort of my own.

How can we earn such moments?

Could we package it please
then pass it along to those
in need of shelter.

So many, right now, in despair and appall
so recent too, my own despairing and appall

Recharge my fuel cells with this my Love

Let me ever carry the knowledge that these

moments always return

no matter how far we may wander

in our endless pursuits for Something.

These moments can sustain a multitude of days.

A shout triumphant, in a moment silent.

The light falls soft on my hand and my pen.

The light comes soft to my heart and my soul.

Sing in me, song of ages
and let this song be heard by all

In a moment fleeting, with my eternal

In a moment poised between
rest and labor

My joy returns.
My God to you I owe all this
and more.


ttorus  2/12/06
Stony Brook, NY