A Child with a Plaything

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A Child with a Plaything


My God, how unsettled my heart, and filled with trouble.

Could more “what if’s” and “if only’s” be found

surely I would unearth them

and toy with them, like a child with a plaything.

Grant that I might get up and over this stage.

Grant that I might overcome.


Surely many are the days when the light seems bright.

Surely there will be nights of peace

and deep satisfaction.

Yet for now I am blind

to anything

save this bloody discomfort

this nagging unease.


Lord, overcome this within me

or direct me to that prayer

or action which dispels

like smoke before a fan.




My son, comfort is the real illusion

and the bane of a righteous life.

To know only comfort is to know no growth.

Grow now, in this new soil.

Spread your roots,

draw nourishment up

from the soil about you.

Drink deep, then spread your branches

to the light.

Soak up the goodly rays

of heavenly sun.

Within you is the key to heaven.

Open always is the door.

Step in and sing.



ttorus, Stony Brook,  7/10/06

Image Courtesy of naturewallpaper.net