"Savor each of these pieces slowly. Sip them like fine wine. Rest in their embrace. "

...spiritual writing at its very best. Simple. Heart-felt. Human. Laced with the divine." - Rev. William R. Grimbol

Dual Identity

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We are two, you and I,
of the soil, and divine.

Each day the combative pull
of two separate worlds
begins anew.

I am of the ground, of dust,
and filled with the light, of life.

The soil calls to me
a song of mountains
and craggy rock,
the roughened surface
of schist, and granite,
a childhood clambor
over a face of stone.

The heavens beckon
with clouds of white
and open skies of blue,
the colors of innocence
a dream of some
other place
where we all belong,
lit from beyond,
fringed and infused with light.

We are two, you and I,
of the soil, and divine.

I have known
the joys of earth,
and sensed, somehow, the More.

You have known
the guidance
and the prompting of unseen hands
intent on good.

You and I have come together
to celebrate in a song
of earth and sky.

You and I together are two
in one.

Today again we will know once again
the interplay of heaven and earth.

We will wish the best for our sister,
grow angry with our brother,
and at day’s end,

We have done well
done no harm, only good
with the guiding hand, and the balance
of heaven, and earth.

Jesu, you instill
a heart of forgiveness,
infuse it into our common culture,
foundation of our shared humanity.

Dust and water,
you are the building blocks of which we are divinely constructed,
infused edge to edge
with the light of life.

We are two, you and I,
earthy and divine,
collected in one carriage
and drawn by one powerful steed
on the road to a horizon
alight with morning’s glow.

Breaks now the dawn
with wonder,
and all things are possible.

Our destiny and purpose await.


Of David

The words of David
have been a solace
to countless souls,

and all peoples now
have been placed
at your fingertips.

Leave a digital footprint,
a signature
of streaming words
that call to those who search,
who seek for solace.

You are a trumpet of Christ
to those who hear.

Let your anxious heart and thoughts take flight,
and in the canopy of
the heavens
find eternal freedom
to soar.

You are that cloud
sailing over all things,
comprised of moisture,
condensed for the purpose
of mingling with so many others,
until the rain pours down,
bringing health to the earth.

Surrender now your rain,
with others who at this moment
write of me,
each in his or her own style.

Allow the rain to fall
drop by drop
fresh and pure
from the heavens,
and water the earth
with your words.

Leave your stomach, and back,
and legs behind,
and soar a moment
in my heavens with me.

Here now, in your spirit,
is my heavenly habitation.

My pure white clouds, of purest moisture,
bumping with others
of purest composition
become one,
traveling on the winds of eternity,
awaiting that perfect condition
of rising and falling thermoclines,
to squeeze out the excess
into showers of blessing
upon the earth.

Then the gardens of earth
receive of your spirit
and grow.

Pour out your waters.

Let them rain.

Be not afraid
to mingle your essence
thoroughly with the essence
of others,
for only in that mingled
cumulus thundercloud
can the essential waters
of my own character
be poured down
upon those who thirst.

So many are the hearts and souls
of those who yearn,
who find no solace daily
who desire the purest
distillations of heaven,
and find no satisfaction
in the raucous cacophony
of trumpeting commerce.

And you too; do you yearn for
a quenching that is larger than this corner,
this house, this city
can provide;
a quenching that may last
and become itself a spring
unto eternity?

They will drink deep,
and the greatest satisfaction
shall be your own.


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About the Author

Educated in landscape architecture and the environment, the author is uniquely suited to present the beauty of nature in his writings. His work can be found in “Endless Horizons” published by Eber & Wein. His most personal writings are often featured at facebook/agiftofencouragement.

The author has served as worship leader for long-term care patients, for individuals whose physical bodies have been confined to wheelchairs. He has always been available for music ministries, sharing the stage intermittently with evangelists, pastors and gifted Christian performers in the venue of contemporary Christian music, seeking always to uplift and free the human spirit.

The author also has toured with evangelical worship teams through refugee camps in Europe, Austria and the former Yugoslavia. His heart for orphan care has been expressed through volunteer work with ForHisChildren-Ecuador, and continues with work on the Missions Board for his local congregation. He works now as a solar energy specialist, and lives on Long Island, New York with his wife Frances.

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