"Savor each of these pieces slowly. Sip them like fine wine. Rest in their embrace. "

...spiritual writing at its very best. Simple. Heart-felt. Human. Laced with the divine." - Rev. William R. Grimbol

One Answer to Prayer

My child, I come to you here,
and find my infinite pleasure
in your call to me.

The touch of your voice
directed to me
is my pleasure,
and at times, my pain.

But you always return to me
my faithful one.

I can count on your being here
each morning
and so you may trust
I am with you
morning, noon, and night.

I am lifting you up even now
in all your labors
and you will know
all the benefits
of your calling.

Each step has been ordained
for you to establish our name.

Your light is lit
and you will shine
professor of light
and teacher of enlightenment.

Your lamp will indeed shine
to the far corners
of this room.

Set on a hill, you will be
a beacon to those
who seek a center
for their compass-rose.

Rest a moment now
in the glow
of this flame
that burns in you
and trim your lamp
to whiten your color
and enhance the reach
of the rays that spring
from you and I.

Profess the light.
Raise your voice
in a visible song
that we may travel
to the infinite

Rise up to the voice
of angels
with the light of heaven
about us now.

Rise up, and receive your reward
in the light
of Paradise.



Dual Identity

Glory_Of_Spring_Wallpaper_cf21y (2)

We are two, you and I,
of the soil, and divine.

Each day the combative pull
of two separate worlds
begins anew.

I am of the ground, of dust,
and filled with the light, of life.

The soil calls to me
a song of mountains
and craggy rock,
the roughened surface
of schist, and granite,
a childhood clambor
over a face of stone.

The heavens beckon
with clouds of white
and open skies of blue,
the colors of innocence
a dream of some
other place
where we all belong,
lit from beyond,
fringed and infused with light.

We are two, you and I,
of the soil, and divine.

I have known
the joys of earth,
and sensed, somehow, the More.

You have known
the guidance
and the prompting of unseen hands
intent on good.

You and I have come together
to celebrate in a song
of earth and sky.

You and I together are two
in one.

Today again we will know once again
the interplay of heaven and earth.

We will wish the best for our sister,
grow angry with our brother,
and at day’s end,

We have done well
done no harm, only good
with the guiding hand, and the balance
of heaven, and earth.

Jesu, you instill
a heart of forgiveness,
infuse it into our common culture,
foundation of our shared humanity.

Dust and water,
you are the building blocks of which we are divinely constructed,
infused edge to edge
with the light of life.

We are two, you and I,
earthy and divine,
collected in one carriage
and drawn by one powerful steed
on the road to a horizon
alight with morning’s glow.

Breaks now the dawn
with wonder,
and all things are possible.

Our destiny and purpose await.


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About the Author

Educated in landscape architecture and the environment, the author is uniquely suited to present the beauty of nature in his writings. His work can be found in “Endless Horizons” published by Eber & Wein. His most personal writings are often featured at facebook/agiftofencouragement.

The author has served as worship leader for long-term care patients, for individuals whose physical bodies have been confined to wheelchairs. He has always been available for music ministries, sharing the stage intermittently with evangelists, pastors and gifted Christian performers in the venue of contemporary Christian music, seeking always to uplift and free the human spirit.

The author also has toured with evangelical worship teams through refugee camps in Europe, Austria and the former Yugoslavia. His heart for orphan care has been expressed through volunteer work with ForHisChildren-Ecuador, and continues with work on the Missions Board for his local congregation. He works now as a solar energy specialist, and lives on Long Island, New York with his wife Frances.

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One Answer to Prayer

My child, I come to you here, and find my infinite pleasure in your call to me. The touch of your voice directed to me is my pleasure, and at times, my pain. But you always return to me my faithful one. I can count on your being here each morning and so you may trust I am with you morning, noon, and night. I am lifting you up even now in all your labors and you will know all the benefits of your calling. Each step has been...

Gentle Me

Lord, gentle me as I awaken the dawn this day. Let my words be a cleansing shower to wash the soul. Springtime is coming and the icy grip of winter seems at last to have loosed its hold upon us. Today will be a day of hothouse flowers, and we will travel again to cherish with others the hope that your creation provides.   The poet’s spirit in me is glad, and I pray for sunshine to light our path at each moment. Let us both, my wife and...

The Thrum of the Heavens

Where there is comfort and love let me dwell there. Where there is mercy and peace let me take up my habitation. Let my home be a place where the sweet savour of Life can be known in the very air that we breathe. Four walls alone cannot make a place where souls can dwell at peace with their God. The deliberate resurrection, daily of Christ’s example of sacrifice of forgiveness of regard for the Father’s will These can fill the four corners with the air of the Spirit....


So early now that darkness yet gilds my world and thought. The patter of rain on the gutters foretells of a day of rain and cloud Yet this metallic sound is complemented by the birdsong that greets every dawning. Dawn in me now, Lord in my heart as in every dawn. In my heart’s tempo compose the music of today, and tomorrow. Let the pace of your Spirit be the tramping of your marching band. I will be any one instrument or all. I will slap the drum smartly...

Bedtime for Bobby

It’s bedtime for Bobby & nothing to stop me too. No bumps in the night or mysterious ‘Boo’s No bench-seat with buttresses or bachelors’s blues No basket of biscuits or butterfly shoes No bikini-clad babes with beautific boobs No beaches with bonfires no Betsies or Sues No banana-bread barfly or bunyans in twos No bark on the banyan tree or big bash at Bill’s No basset-hounds baying at Bugs’s back-door No barnyard in backwoods or buntings on bandoleers No wet-covered bed-cover nor bitten-back tears No bushes in the baggage...

Cool Are the Waters

Springtime the birdsong seems clearer and stronger And laughter seems closer and nearer the heart. The spirit of my Father seems more real to my soul And to capture His presence as simple as turning my own face, to His. The comforts of quiet and demands for the moment held in abeyance My heart for this moment is free from the wrenching of schedules and clock-works. I am free from the wheels and the pedals that accelerate our time. My heart, I feel the surging of your fluids like...

The Cusp of Light and Shadow

In the morning when the light strikes white across the mounded snow, and the tree-trunk’s shadow slashes boldly up the undulated slope, I take a moment to speak my mind, if only to my Self. The occasional sparkle outside only shows when you observe closely. So too the occasional sparkle inside reveals itself only on close observation. There is detail even in the shadows should I choose to look And green life, young and old, emerges from even the deepest drift. That little sprout, standing alone, at the cusp...

A Child with a Plaything

  My God, how unsettled my heart, and filled with trouble. Could more “what if’s” and “if only’s” be found surely I would unearth them and toy with them, like a child with a plaything. Grant that I might get up and over this stage. Grant that I might overcome.   Surely many are the days when the light seems bright. Surely there will be nights of peace and deep satisfaction. Yet for now I am blind to anything save this bloody discomfort this nagging unease.   Lord, overcome...

Lover, Encourager, Friend

Lord, nothing is more important than my wife’s happiness. Let me be the kind of loving companion she would desire.   Let me become all that you have designed me to be: Provider, lover, encourager, friend a solace in trouble and a plaything in joy.   ***   You have so much to give a sensitive heart a delicate conscience a strong mind and a flexible will. You turn your intelligence to the task of making a home and providing for shelter. You provide the livelihood that is your...

A Rainbow’s Heart

How sweet and glorious how wonderful to find You to know Your presence to take time for hearing Your voice. Great are you Lord to fill my heart. Great is the mercy, the grace and the power that can give to my heart this greatest of gifts.   An hour in your word when the switch in my heart is switched on to you is worth a thousand of diversions. It feels like life Like the sun is kind and the air is sweet And beneath the noise is...